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Re: how to install libtoolize

Though I am building a different package, I have the same problem as
mentioned below.  The libtool package downloaded is 46 bytes
(effectively null) and get stashed into the _obsolete folder without
ever getting installed.

Another problem just noticed is that the setup process is appending a
"/" character onto the end of the cygwin directory name on a mirror.


the %2f above. this creates a directory with the same name.  Names
shouldn't have "/", ok %2f in them in my opinion and it wasn't like
this before.  For example setup shows get the setup.bz2 file from the
following address

not the two consequtive //'s above.  Whether this causes a problem or
now I can't say, but I like to keep my downloaded files in the same
directory and this is now created a new one with a dangerous name
(i.e. an explicit '/' from the %2f.

Don't forget the libtool probelm as well. Related or not I do not
know.  All  help is appreciated


On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 7:01 PM,
From: ludovic leman:
> I'll try to build VideoLAN but it uses libtoolize
> I have tried to install libtool (1.5b-2) with setup.exe but this package
> doesn't include /usr/bin/libtoolize.
> In fact, the downloaded libtool-1.5b-2.tar.bz2 is empty
> I have tried to installed an "alternative version" : I uncheck "Hide
> obsolete packages" and I try to use libtool2.2 v2.2.2-2.
> The resulting libtool2.2-2.2.2-2.tar.bz2 is also empty.
> I have tried severals mirrors : all "official" libtool*.bz2 are empty.
> But on the mirrors, there are libtool*.bz2 files with different version
> number. (for example on
> there is
> libtool-2.2.6a-1.tar.bz2 but the setup.ini from this mirroir doesn't
> reference this file)
> well, how can I install "libtool package" with the libtoolize file.
> thanks,

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