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Re: Updating failure -- now success!

On 2009-02-05, Simon McQueen wrote:
> On 05/02/2009 19:38, Gary Johnson wrote:

> >The setup.ini that I just fetched from this
> >morning seems to have all the requires: lines.  For example,
> Sorry - I think you may have misread my post. I didn't say anything 
> about 'requires:' lines being missing.

Yes, I did.  Sorry about that, and thanks for the correction.

> I based what I put on what Corrina Vinschen said in her post 
> ( which said:
> "Lots of packages are missing version and install lines,
> not only libreadline6(*).  It's just the one package all people using
> bash seeing immediately.  Scanning the ini file I saw at least 60 or
> so packages affected by this problem.  Their package information block
> just stops right after the "requires:" line."

As does the "@ vim" example I included.  Nevertheless, my update
succeeded.  I think.

> The install and version lines are still missing on my local mirror so I 
> reckon I need to standby for a while.

Seems like a good idea.


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