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Re: cydwin not starting - cygreadline6.dll missing

I can confirm this issue.  I have never tried to install 1.7 on my machine.

After a total wipe of Cygwin (using the instructions at section 2.17), I attempted to reinstall
Cygwin.  I used as the download site.  I
accepted the default set of packages.

When running /etc/postinstall/ during the
installation, I got this error:

  This application has failed to start because cygreadline6.dll was not found.  Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

When I click OK, I get the same error for each of the other
/etc/postinstall scripts.

I have tried with and got the same problem.

libreadline does not appear in the package list!

On Thu 2009-02-05 10:11, Warren Young wrote:
> wrote:
> > 
> > I installed cydwin (I have windows XP (SP3)) with the setup.exe, adding
> > only the openssh to the basic.
> I don't suppose you tried, first, to install Cygwin 1.7, then later 
> installed 1.5?  If so, this and other bad things will happen.  See:
> The fix is to go back through setup.exe, and do a forced reinstall of 
> bash, libreadline, and libncurses, at minimum.
> Either that, or totally nuke your 1.7 attempt and retry the 1.5 install 
> from scratch.
> > Searching the package list gave me back zero results 
> That's weird.  I can confirm.  It should give you libreadline6-*.  Maybe 
> there's something broken with the package indexer.
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