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Cygwin Bash Shell fails to start, because cygreadline6.dll was not found

Installation steps:

1) I removed the cygwin directory and all cygwin registry
   entries due to previous failed cygwin upgrade attempts.
   A description of those irrelevant problems can be found here:

2) I downloaded and ran setup version 2.573.2.3.

3) I selected "Install from Internet", All Users/Unix, a
   non-default package location, and

4) I used the default selection of just the Base packages.

5) I was notified of the following missing dependencies:

Package: bzip2
	Required by: man

Package: crypt
	Required by: coreutils

Package: cygutils
	Required by: cygwin-doc

Package: groff
	Required by: man

Package: less
	Required by: man

Package: libesd-devel
	Required by: libesound-devel

Package: libesd0
	Required by: libesound0

Package: libfreetype-devel
	Required by: libfreetype2-devel

Package: libfreetype6
	Required by: libfreetype26

Package: libiconv2
	Required by: alternatives, coreutils, grep

Package: libintl3
	Required by: alternatives, grep

Package: libintl8
	Required by: alternatives, bash, coreutils, findutils, gawk

Package: libpcre0
	Required by: grep

Package: libX11_6
	Required by: xorg-x11-bin-dlls

6) The check box was left filled in, so these dependent packages
   would be installed.

7) I selected the creation of an Icon on the desktop and
   the Start Menu.

8) Setup exited normally.


Steps to repeat the issue:

1) Select menu item Start -> Programs -> Cygwin -> Cygwin Bash Shell

2) The Cygwin Bash Shell window opens with no text displayed.

2) A window pops up with the following text and an OK button:

This application has failed to start because cygreadline6.dll
was not found.  Re-installing the application may fix this

3) After clicking the OK button, Cygwin Bash Shell terminates


Attempts to fix this problem:

1) Tried to reinstall base system.

2) Could not find cygreadline6.dll in setup Libs category.

3) Problem as described above remains.


My system runs MS Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

How can I get Cygwin installed such that it works properly?


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