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Re: date generates a "\r"

Arun Biyani wrote:
No, the fix is to quit using linefeeds in your script files unless you
willing to teach bash to ignore those line feeds. d2u is your friend.

Attached are the relevant files. I don't see where the problem is.

Well this stuff don't look good:

Missing file: /usr/bin/mktemp.exe from package coreutils
Missing file: /usr/share/man/man1/mktemp.1.gz from package coreutils
coreutils                       6.10-2             Incomplete
Missing file: /usr/share/fonts/encodings/encodings.dir from package font-encodings

Nor this:


Nor these:

Warning: c:\Win\mks\IntegrityClient\bin\cp.exe hides c:\win\mks\mksnt\cp.exe
Warning: c:\Win\mks\IntegrityClient\bin\cp.exe hides C:\win\cygwin\bin\cp.exe
Warning: c:\Win\mks\IntegrityClient\bin\make.exe hides c:\win\mks\mksnt\make.exe
Warning: c:\Win\mks\IntegrityClient\bin\make.exe hides C:\win\cygwin\bin\make.exe
Warning: c:\Win\mks\IntegrityClient\bin\mv.exe hides c:\win\mks\mksnt\mv.exe
Warning: c:\win\mks\mksnt\rm.exe hides C:\win\cygwin\bin\rm.exe

You're mixing MKS utilities and Cygwin ones. Do you know which version of date you're actually invoking? I'd suggest a) get all the MKS stuff out of your default PATH, and b) re-run setup.exe in "download and install" mode, just click all the way through without changing any selections to let it repair any damaged packages in your current installation.


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