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Love the Cygwin Work

Hey Guys,

I just Love the Cygwin Work by cygnus, even if nobody here replies or in
 any way answer to my Question/Problems. Its really good what i realy like
was how it gets windows into linux like enviorment, Coz of this i almost created WCAMP Layout on Windows XP and even did that Webmin+Virtualmin
 for Virtual Hosting for bunch of my Websites that Does Nothing.

So, I think no one will still not be intersting answering my Ques but i
got another one for you Great Guys.

On Cygwin 1.7 what if i make SYSTEM User to root than making Administrator
 and make Administrators Group root Group hows that gona works. Is there
 any i said any kind of mishappening in the Cygwin Working or it will still works as it is the same, Coz my guess is the Right to be 'root' goes 
to SYSTEM as its the Only Almight on windows, like it can 'su' to anything.

And for the record there was somebody helped me to create useradd,
groupadd etc Scripts for Cygwin i am using them like Perl Module under
Perl as they are Perl Scripts. Thanks a Lot To That guy, as i can't
Remember his/her ID

Thanks and Thanks for Cygwin

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