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Get bad results when running ./ncurses from rxvt

I have tried reinstalling the ncurses and the rxvt (with and without
"enhanced Unicode) features and am still having problems.

When I go to the
directory under by "normal" bash shell and enter
everything looks good.

However, when I try this under the rxvt "shell", I am having lots of
problems.  The install (as documented) sets 

I have tried a few other TERM settings including

and none of those helps.

In particular, when under ./ncurses I do "f" for acs characters, nothing

I suspect this is a "user error" - but as I did install both ncurses and
rxvt right from the Cygwin "setup.exe", I was hoping that someone could
point me to the "error of my ways" and/or how to fix this.

I am uncertain what "debugging" information to provide.

I enter rxvt with the following command:

C:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -sl 1500 -fn "Lucida Console-16" -bg black -fg grey
-sr -e bash --login -i

This was suggested by the site at: 
and maybe that is the problem.

I have attached my cygcheck output, but don't know if that will actually

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