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Need a good POP3/IMAP Server

Hello Guys and Grls,

Anybody here got any of the POP3/IMAP server working under cygwin. UW does not in a way i want it to be and it only does cram-md5 login no other login.

Anybody got Dovecot, courier-imap or cyrus-imap any of these working under Cygwin. Actually i am tring to complete a open source server system under windows with the help of Cygwin (calling it WCAMP Layout), I got apache, mysql (Client) and php succesefully compiled and working. Even got Webmin+Virtualmin working under cygwin. Now this layout contain Bind DNS, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Webmin and Virtualmin Working for last 8 months without any problem. Exim works good but it does not matter without there is no POP3 or IMAP.

Last thing i know is that Dovecot works but does not support something that i dont know. But even dint found anything by gooling how that can be done, Even Dovecot people got in there requirements that it works under Cygwin but they got nothing in documentation How To Do That ?.

If this works then theres gona be a new kind of server system.

Anybody can help


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