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Re: Manage Cygwin packages in command-line (without using graphical Setup.exe)

Salokine Terata wrote:

Yes, I have read them, but I don't find how to use it to install a specified package.
Coud you give me an example to install my cron package?

Well I haven't done this myself, mind you, so this is untested but:

setup.exe -q -n -N -d -R c:\cygwin -s http://yourFavoriteMirror -l c:\localPackageDir

There isn't a flag that specifies individual packages, so this will get
and install all current packages.  If you want to control what gets
installed, you could pull down the package(s) you want using 'wget' or
'curl' to your local package directory and then use the '-L' flag
instead of the '-s' flag to install the package(s) you got, which will
happen by default since these are the only new packages in your local
package directory.  Alternatively, you can look in the cygwin and
cygwin-apps email archives for discussions about this.  I believe there
was a patch offered to do this, but I'm not sure of its status.  You
could also check the source in CVS for the current state of the
available options.

Of course, doing
this through 'ssh' means you need the OpenSSH server to have access to
the desktop, assuming you're PCs are < Vista.  See the '-i' switch on
Yes, it's work fine.

I search how to install/remove/update a package through SSH.
If someone have an exemple (with Setup.exe or other method)

What do you think about apt-cyg (
Is it a perennial solution ? Is it in de Cygwin repository ? (I don't find it in

This suffers from the same bootstrap problem that rpm, dpkg, and other established Linux install facilities have. Only 'setup.exe' can install Cygwin from scratch as well as maintain the installation. So these other facilities/options can usually help with the maintenance for those who want to try them. But they aren't considered a supported installation/ maintenance procedure. If you plan to use one of these methods, you're on your own.

apt-cyg is not a Cygwin package.  It is not part of the distribution and
therefore not in the Cygwin repository.

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