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Re: First Pass at mintty documentation

Lee D.Rothstein wrote:

Hi, I've taken a first pass at distilling my experience with
'mintty' and the [ahem] discussion, here, about it into a text
file (see attachment mintty.{h})

Thanks, that's a nice surprise!


It's quite funny, I didn't realise that until people here pointed it out, probably because I didn't have to do anything to achieve it. :)

 > Best conformance to my personal expectation of what various
   directional keys (<HOME>, <END>, <->>, <<->, etc.) should do!
   (However, still bummed that <CTRL>-<->> & <CTRL>-<<-> do not
   move, respectively forward and back a word on the command

These two lines in .inputrc should do the trick:

"\e[1;5D": backward-word
"\e[1;5C": forward-word

And here's my favourite bash feature, mapped to Ctrl-Up/Down:

"\e[1;5A": history-search-backward
"\e[1;5B": history-search-forward

  * Futures expectation: My number one goal would be for it to
 replace the Cygwin console for everything, although I
 understand there are great difficulties with that goal.

Hmm, yep, unfortunately the only path I can see towards that goal is to take Console2's approach of capturing a Windows console, and to try and make the cygwin terminal running inside it more standards-compliant, but that would still leave the slowness of the console and the lag caused by capturing its contents.

Perhaps it would be possible to override and reimplement the Win32 console functions as listed at ?
Do DOS software interrupts still work too? It would certainly be a huge amount of work though, which would include having to reimplement the console's ANSI emulation.

Because of the nature of various "discussion" elements in wading
through this stuff, I am referring to my documentation "project" as:


@@ What "alternate screen"? @@

Good question. It's vt100 lingo for a second logical screen that wholescreen apps such as editors normally use, often through the (n)curses library. (I'm taking "wholescreen" to mean an app controlling the whole terminal screen, as opposed to the terminal window being in fullscreen mode.)

    = Is there an alternate screen toggle in 'mintty' as there is
      in 'xterm'?

I didn't know xterm actually had a UI for this. Do people find this useful?

= How do you invoke it?

You shouldn't need to really. Apps such as 'less' or 'vi' switch to it using the releavant vt100 incantation.

> [about mousewheel scrolling in less] > the feature doesn't work in Vista when the > scrollbar is shown. Looks like the inactive scrollbar is > swallowing the mousewheel events.

Actually this seems to be an issue with the trackpad driver on my laptop. It's works fine with a bog-standard USB mouse on my desktop.

Thanks again,

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