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FW: ssh-host-config problem on windows 2003, please help.

> Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 15:15:46 +0100
> From: corinna
> Subject: Re: ssh-host-config problem on windows 2003, please help.
> On Dec 9 10:16, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> On Dec 9 02:28, Charles Wilson wrote:
>>> Okay. So, suppose we modify the pseudo-code and word the non-auto-answer
>>> question like the auto-answer=yes case. Then, somebody looking at a
>>> manual transcript might ask: I want to run this script "safely" so that
>>> things are set up, but no services are actually installed and no new
>>> user accounts are created. Should I use --yes, or --no? Under this
>>> modified pseudocode, the answer would be --no, except I think I want
>>> --yes (e.g. I want the default prived user) for "Do you want to use this
>>> account name for running this service"
>>> Anybody have a better idea, that works for both "automated" cases yet
>>> doesn't confuse the heck out of somebody trying to figure out which of
>>> --yes or --no to use when implementing their own automation?
>> A --user option?
> Or maybe better --service-account?
I would love to be able to specify the server account name from the command
line. :*)

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