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1.5.25-15: Missing shell prompt when connecting remotely via ssh using putty.

I get this after a clean install and I get it every time.  Running
Win'2003 server.  I've followed a few guides on setting up ssh on cygwin
and I have no problems running it as a service.  Reinstalling cygwin
causes same issue.

administrator@server ~
$ ssh localhost

administrator@localhost's password:*******

or via putty I'll get the same but I'll also get: Last login: Tue Nov 25
13:59:46 2008 from

...and that's all I see after that.  I can't cursor up to use a command
from history.  And using vim results in:

Vim: Warning: Output is not to a terminal
Vim: Warning: Input is not from a terminal

So I can connect and login, nor can I edit files properly.
It's as if the environment is not set correctly.  I set CYGWIN=ntsec tty
binmode in Win'2k3 System Properties.  Running the Cygwin icon on the
server's desktop gets me into bash no problem, with the prompt, colors
and alias' working.

Via Putty, or simply doing a 'ssh localhost' locally through Cygwin on
the server, causes the same problem so it's not a putty issue.

I noticed when running ssh-host-config....(I answered yes to everything
except renaming the suggested privileged user) asks:

'Enter the value of CYGWIN for the daemon [ntsec]:' the guides all say
to enter ntsec tty or ntsec tty binmode but if I enter them I get:

*** ERROR: Only [no] "check_case:strict" "ntsec" "smbntsec" "traverse"

So I just enter ntsec (though it will accept tty ntsec too, in that
order).  I suspect this is a new version of openssh.  I tried forcing an
older installation but same thing.

This is the guide I followed:

The only things I had to adjust for the guide to work was: chmod +r
/etc/passwd, chmod +r /etc/group and chmod 777 /var
Oh, and I had to remove everything from hosts.allow and hosts.deny.  I
intend on setting it properly once I fix the shell prompt problem.

This was working fine at one point but I've had this problem for about 8
months now.  Nobody else seems to have had this problem according to
google or cygwin mailing list.

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