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Re: Bash process hangs around forever after ssh disconnect

* Michael Hipp (Sun, 23 Nov 2008 12:32:54 -0600)
> Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> > In all likelihood you do NOT want sshd to kill your shell because
> > you loose connection for a while. Let me repeat: you do NOT want
> > that.
> Really? Should I call Red Hat, SUSE, Debian and Ubuntu and all the
> others and tell them they've been doing it wrong all these years?
> That's *exactly* how every Linux I've ever used works.
> > You want the ability to reconnect to that session once the physical
> > connection is reestablished. "screen" gives you that ability.
> I know about "screen". I use it regularly. But screen is off-topic. Unless 
> there is some way screen can re-connect to a dangling bash session; I thought 
> screen could only re-connect to screen. If it has that ability I'd like to be 
> educated to it.

Screen is /not/ off-topic because it is the solution to your problem. If 
you are asking for a solution where you cannot use screen because it is 
not installed or because you forgot to run it before starting a shell 
then you should say so.

Let's assume you could not run or forgot to run screen: a quick Google 
search for "cygwin bash ssh zombie sessions" leads to the conclusion 
that you're not the first one who noticed that. Well, probably you 
should use screen.


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