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Re: 1.7 - noacl for cygdrive

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Yes, Rob meant for us RSYNC users: set CYGWIN=NONTSEC
... because NTSEC (the default) causes much trouble with the NT permissions on RSYNC'ed files. A web search shows that _many_ people run into these problems. So maybe for RSYNC the default NTSEC isn't a good idea. I'm on edge how Cygwin 1.7 solves or rather handles this problem.

For rsync ntsec is a good idea, imho. Your scenario isn't my scenario.
I *want* permissions which reflect POSIX permissions closely. I don't
care for Windows default permissions. Lately we have lots of people
claiming that they use Cygwin tools in a native Windows environment and
how being POSIXy is in the way of what they are doing. Keep in mind
that the whole idea of Cygwin is to provide a POSIXy environment and the
default should be as close to POSIX as possible.

These "lots of people" who use Cygwin in Windows-only environments probably think, like I did, that Cygwin "just" brings a bunch of highly usefuly Unix like command line tools straight to the comfortable Windows NT/2000/XP enviroment. So we Windows coddled users are - or at least I was - under a slightly wrong impression.

Using Cygwin in a
non-POSIXy situation is the border case, not the norm.

I didn't know this motto. I've to confess that I first would have to look up the exact meaning of POSIX. :-)
Still Cygwin's very useful for us Windows-only environment people. Please bear with us "luxury users" in Windows-only environments. Maybe you understand better the problems we experience with our approach to a complex and useful software which Cygwin is.

So adapt your settings, but don't expect that it's the default.

Well, I'm happy it is possible to adapt the setting at all.


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