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openssl coredump problem

Hello. When using thread and openssl CRYPTO_set_locking_callback, application can core dump when it terminates. Please try (I don't have
cygwin now, so I cannot get output of this)

See how this affect python in
This is result of ./python Lib/test/

    started worker thread
    trying nonsensical thread id
    waiting for worker thread to get started
    verifying worker hasn't exited
    attempting to raise asynch exception in worker
    waiting for worker to say it caught the exception
    all OK -- joining worker
   6020 [unknown (0x650)] python 1156 _cygtls::handle_exceptions: Error
while dumping state (probably corrupted stack)
Illegal instruction (core dumped)


Here is copy of message sent to openssl-dev about this issue.

I exerienced this crash with

- cygwin 1.5.25-15 on win2000
- openssl-dev 0.9.8h installed via cygwin setup

- Python
   * svn checkout
   * cd trunk
   * ./configure
   * make (libssl.dll.a and libcrypto.dll.a are used to build _ssl module)
   * ./python.exe Lib/test/ (crash)

You can reproduce crash with attached code too.
   * make
   * ./main (crash)

Thank you.

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