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help with bash/readline dll interaction bug

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I'm trying to release readline-5.2.13-11, but before I do, I'd like to fix
this bug in bash:

Basically, bash has a place where it calls a readline function that
returns a function pointer, then it compares the returned result against a
function pointer.  However, the function pointer returned by readline is
the rl_tab_insert local to the readline dll, while the function pointer
compared in bash is a trampoline around _imp__rl_tab_insert.  Is there
some slick way to make bash grab a function pointer that can see through
the trampoline and see that bash's trampoline version of rl_tab_insert is
indeed the same function as readline's local rl_tab_insert?  Or should I
add some extern function pointer variables in libreadline, which are
initialized to readline's notion of rl_tab_insert, so that bash compares
against *_rl_tab_insert_ptr rather than against the trampoline
&rl_tab_insert?  Or is there some other trick I should try?  Would using
gcc-4 have any impact on this?

I'm hoping that whatever is needed to make this work can be done without
having to rev to libreadline7.  But it if involves adding some additional
extern symbols to libreadline, then I need to do that soon before
releasing readline-5.2.13-11.

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Eric Blake   
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