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Re: Cygwin sshd key auth doesn't work (seteuid 500: Permission denied) [SOLVED]


I've found this doc
and followed the part of "privilege separation". After that, everything worked fine with key auth.

Thanks anyway!!


En/na Tomàs Núñez ha escrit:
sshd: PID 8272: fatal: seteuid 500: Permission denied.

Did you configure your SSH installation with ssh-host-config? How about your user with ssh-user-config?

I did indeed.

    When I run ssh daemon as a user, in order to debug, I get that:
    user@server ~/$ /usr/sbin/sshd.exe -d

Ugh! This suggests that you have not read OpenSSH readme in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin. You can't do this without screwing up all the permissions on various directories and files that SSH checks the permissions of.

Sorry, I've read again those docs ( /usr/share/doc/cygwin-doc-1.4 and /usr/share/doc/openssh) and I've found nothing about not debugging sshd... :|

Anyway, I have the same issue on more machines, so if I screwed that one, I still need to configure the others...

Sure. See the problem reporting guidelines below. You've told us
what you're having problems with and it's obvious that you misunderstand
what's necessary to get pubkey authentication to switch users but what's
not clear is how you've set this up, what you're working with, and what
your intentions are.

I want to use key-auth to run bash scripts remotely. Although it does not matter anyway, as I just need to use key-auth...

I've installed cygwin with openssh (all default) on the windows server and then I ran ssh-host-config. Then I copied the content of my file to this server, to the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, making sure they have no righs for group and other. Let's say, the usual way of configuring key-auth for me, as I did a bunch of times in my unix machines. But, this time is not a unix machine, but a windows 2003 with cygwin installed. And I'm getting some errors when I use key-auth, but not when I use password-auth.

I'd recommend that you review the docs and email
archives to come up to speed.  Then, if you're still having problems,
contact the list again with a follow-up problem report.

I thought that cygwin's openssh pretty much like unix openssh. Anyway, I reviewed docs before posting the first time, and found nothing solving this issue. Maybe I didn't look at the right place...

Can you give me a hint about this issue or directions to a doc where this things are discussed? Thank you very much.


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