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rsync 3.0.4 over ssh hanging on cygwin 1.7

Good afternoon all,

Please excuse my cygwin newbie status if I have missed something obvious.

Having resolved the "overly long file name" issue with rsync in cygwin 1.5 by upgrading to version 1.7, I have hit a new problem, namely rsync hanging midway through transfer. No errors are reported or logged, nothing seems to be timing out, it just sits there indefinitely. Re-running rsync will maybe do a couple more files then hang again, and again, and again... Having read around tinternet, it seems I am not completely alone in this problem, but I have yet to find a solution that works for me. Briefly:

I have set up ssh-keyless authentication between my server (OsX 10.5.5, rsync 3.0.4, OpenSSH 5.1p1) and a dozen or so PC's running XPsp2 (cygwin 1.7, rsync 3.0.4, OpenSSH 5.1p1) and use rsync to mirror user directories on the PC's to my server, as follows:

rsync --verbose --progress --stats --rsh=/usr/bin/ssh --archive \
Administrator@clientPC:"/cygdrive/c/Documents\ and\ Settings/ userdirectory/" /Users/userdirectory/

This is in effect identical to the method I use to mirror data between two OsX servers, where it can happily handle several terabytes of data and millions of files. I have tried rsyncing individual subdirectories in a userdirectory and that works fine but still it hangs when the whole directory is tried again. Similarly, one or two of the smaller user directories (around 15,000 files and 35Gb data) work fine. Over around 30,000 files seems to be where I have the problem...

What is really strange is that if I run the rsync from the client PC to the server, it works fine, and subsequent rsyncs from the server also work fine (presumably since hardly any files have changed)...

At this stage I am somewhat stumped and would appreciate any pointers the gurus can give, even as to whether this is believed to be an rsync, sshd or underlying cywin issue... Very happy to provide further info as required, or to be shot down in flames should I have done something stupid! ;-)

Thanks in advance,


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