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Issue with setup.exe 2.573.2.3? (experimental mode)

Hi there,

can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here?

I'm *quite* sure that with previous versions, it was possible to select
Experimental mode instead of 'Current' and be able to install ALL
Actually I do _not_ want all, but since somehow it does not work to
select "Install" in Category mode and get all packages, instead having
to select every package separately, this is the best way out.

Well, I am aware of the issues of experimental software and I have no
problems with it.
However, I do have problems if I'm only allowed to install it by
selecting every package by hand.
At the moment, I am required to do so, as 'All'->'Install' in
_experimental_ mode will simply not install everything as you might
think, but only install a handful of packages like xemacs and the like,
about 65 MB in total.

I actually do not want to install current and then install the
experimental versions over the current versions if I can directly go to
experimental mode.
OK again, step by step:

setup.exe -> Download without installing ->
(select package location and internet connection) ->
(select mirror) ->
Change to 'Exp' on the upper right, wait a little bit.
Select Install on top, now control which packages are actually "on" by
OPENING the [+].
Not many - the rest stays on "Skip" and you will have to select all

Other workaround would be to select 'Curr' and then double-click on each
package to check whether there's a new version. Very cumbersome...

It would be great to be able install the very latest by simply selecting
"Exp" and getting all.


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