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Re: Defrag and some other exe not seen by cygwin on XP64

Bruce Dobrin wrote:
This is weird

I couldn't find it in my search of the site;

I was on a XP64 machine and tried to run the defrag command from the Cygwin shell and it could not locate the command. I could see the command via the cmd shell. Below I cd usng the cmd shell on 64bit XP and using ls it is not seen and dir it is seen:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>ls |grep defrag

C:\WINDOWS\system32>dir |grep defrag
02/16/2007  08:33 PM            35,840 defrag.exe

C:\WINDOWS\system32>cacls defrag.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\defrag.exe BUILTIN\Administrators:F
                               NT AUTHORITY\BATCH:R
                               NT AUTHORITY\INTERACTIVE:R
                               NT AUTHORITY\SERVICE:R
                               NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:F

I then copied the file in the cmd shell to c:\cygwin\ and then Cygwin can see it there:

dobrin@dodo:/c/WINDOWS/system32> ls -al ./defrag
ls: cannot access ./defrag: No such file or directory
dobrin@dodo:/c/WINDOWS/system32> cd /
dobrin@dodo:/> ls -al ./defrag
-rwx------+ 1 dobrin Domain Users 35840 Feb 16  2007 ./defrag

I confirmed that this isn't an issue on XP32 or Vista

And Ideas?

Yes. Call up a 32-bit cmd prompt and repeat the same tests. You'll see the same results. The 32-bit world cannot see the 64-bit world. In other words, this is not Cygwin specific.

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