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Re: Cygwin Everyone group permissions and Vista "shared files" (*not* shared folders)

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

> Barry Kelly wrote:
> > Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > 
> > I, for one, use Cygwin not primarily as a POSIX emulation layer, but as
> > my main Windows user interface. IMHO in this situation, being posixly
> > correct is a handicap that Cygwin could do without, at the user's
> > choice.
> So what about the "nontsec" option doesn't address your need then?

It disables NT ACL manipulation via chmod, chown and chgrp.

I have different users on my machines for various reasons, and
permissions are sometimes a problem. Concrete real-life example: on my
laptop I have a "presenter" user who has extra-large fonts, so that
folks can see code samples etc. during presentations. However, the code
samples themselves are created and edited using the normal user, and
often end up inaccessible - i.e. read-only - to the presenter user.

I have a simple utility called reset-permissions that uses chown and
chmod to recursively reset permissions to a known good state in the
directories specified as arguments. This works well enough that I don't
have to panic over file rights in the middle of a presentation.

I could write my own chown and chmod, perhaps in terms of cacls, perhaps
with custom utilities for more precise ACLs. I'd rather not have to
reimplement those utilities though.

-- Barry


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