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Re: Question Regarding Known_Hosts file

Andy Molina wrote:
For a couple of days now I've been trying to completely remote the
Cygwin client from my home computer as I acquired another box to put
the SSH services onto. I've been able to finally get into the
C:/cygwin/var/empty/.ssh directory which used to be restricted before,
but now I've only gotten into the directory to find out that the file
Known_Hosts is only readable to Admin/my account and Read and Write
priveleges are set to an Uknown Account. I am running Windows Vista ,
and please help me as this is frustrating me and I don't want to
reinstall Windows just because of this one file. I've attempted to
give read and write permissions to every one, to administrator
accounts, etc... but it wont let me.

Sounds like you're trying to use files directly on your old machine from your Vista machine. As you know, ssh is quite picky about permissions and as you've found, Vista is pickier than XP about permissions. ;-) One option is to copy the files over to the Vista machine. Otherwise, have you tried taking ownership of the files/directories using the Windows permissions tab? Once you own them, Vista will let you do what you want with them.

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