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Re: group = (2**32-1) = 4294967295

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
What you can do is a `strace -o dbg.blurbs ls -l filename'
At some point in the dbg.blurbs file you should find two lines in a
row like these:

  get_sids_info: owner SID = S-1-...
  get_sids_info: group SID = S-1-...

The SIDs should help to find out what group this is.
I have this:

112 30120 [main] ls 1464 cygpsid::debug_print: get_sids_info: owner SID = S-1-5-21-4276647594-2974560374-2904110730-1006
49 30169 [main] ls 1464 cygpsid::debug_print: get_sids_info: group SID = S-1-5-21-1275210071-1078145449-839522115-513
61 30230 [main] ls 1464 get_info_from_sd: ACL 1C0, uid 1006, gid -1

I get the "1006" -- that maps to my username in /etc/login,
but I don't get why the 2nd get sid, which has -513 at the end,
doesn't map to group 513. Which corresponds to group "None" on my system:
in /etc/group:

...unless...were did the 3 numbers before the 513 come from?
my local accounts seem to all have 4276647594-2974560374-2904110730 (in group & passwd)
while my domain accounts all have 3863964499-339350228-1432906297 (also in group+passwd)

that "1275210071-1078145449-839522115"

Is there a switch to mkpasswd or mkgroup that should spit that sub-id or domain(?)

It's like it belongs to the same group 'none' (513), but on a different domain.
I don't have a different domain (at least not that I am aware of)...

Could it correspond to this mysterious 'NT AUTHORITY'?

when I try to print out group or passwd entries using mk{group,passwd} -d domain
it doesn't appear to like the space no matter how I quote it:
"x y", 'x y', x\ y, "x\ y", 'x\ y'
so I'm guessing it really doesn't like spaces there?

Should I be able to print out the "internal" or "built-in" domain groups & users
some way with mk{passwd,group}?

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