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Upcoming modification to the opengl package

Attention all users of the opengl package:
Due to a conflict with the libglut-devel package and with the upcoming 
modular X11R7 (see,
I am considering the following change to the opengl package:
Addition of a directory: /usr/include/opengl that will contain only a symbolic link: 
GL -> ../w32api/GL
Then all users of the opengl package would be forced to update their build system to add
-I/usr/include/opengl at compile time.
I really don't like to push that sort of change down the throat of the developpers that 
were using a package that was working well before some other package was added to the 
distribution, but as there is no other package depending on the opengl one and there
are many that do or will depend on finding Mesa opengl and freeglut in /usr/include,
it seems to be the lesser evil.
If you disagree with that change or if it will be very inconvenient to you (and I know
that many universities teach computer graphic classes using the opengl package), it
is time to voice your concerns.
If there is no or little disagrement, an upcoming version of the opengl package with the
above change will be made avaliable by november 30, 2008. As it will be the only change
in the package, those that wish to finish the current semester undisturbed can
obsiously keep the previous (the now current) version.
- André Bleau, Cygwin's volunteer OpenGL package maintainer.
Please direct any question or comment about the OpenGL package to cygwin at cygwin dot com

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