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Powershell Ouput via Cygwin and Open SSH

Hi guys,

I have been using Cygwin to execute Powershell scripts over SSH for a
while now... For various reasons I had to use WinSSHD for SSH which,
while a perfectly reasonable piece of software, isn't something I want
to use permanently. To experiment I built a test box using Cygwin and
OpenSSH and I'm experiencing some weird behavior.

If I SSH in and run a one liner like:

powershell get-process

... I get no output.

If I run:

powershell (...simply to launch the shell,)

I get no output.

If I run a test function that writes a text file to the root of C:,
the file is created. So essentially all of my commands are running, I
just receive no output. Cygwin via an alternative SSH server gives me
output as normal. I appreciate I've almost troubleshooted my way out
of having justification to post this here, as I would assume it's not
a Cygwin problem, but has anyone seen or heard of this before?

Thanks in advance,


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