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RE: configuring the backspace key, etc. (un-indenting doesn't work with vim)

> From: Andrew
> Subject: Re: configuring the backspace key, etc. (un-indenting doesn't work with vim)
> Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 09:06:51 -0700
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> Thank you Mark. I think you have put your finger on the basic problem
>> which started this tedious discussion.
> You are entitled to your opinion. Surely you allow others to hold
> differing opinions than yours. But I must ask, if you find this
> discussion tedious then what stops you from simply ignoring it?
> --
Because it is a distraction; it is no longer a topic for which most people subscribed to this list. While ignoring it saves some time it does not eliminate the cost, and that cost is multiplied by many list members. So, there is also a legitimate reason to exercise control in the input side of the process as well as the output side.

There is the Cygwin talk list where you can carry on at length. I for one, appreciate Christopher's diligence in keeping the list on topic and feel that he deserves a gold star simply for that; there are of course many more deserved all of his other work.


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