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Re: fork performance

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On May 19 06:47, Reinhard Nissl wrote:

running the following command sequence in bash yields little numbers compared to a real unix system:

while true ; do date ; done | uniq -c

      15 Thu May 15 10:40:22     2008
      16 Thu May 15 10:40:23     2008
      17 Thu May 15 10:40:24     2008
      17 Thu May 15 10:40:25     2008
      17 Thu May 15 10:40:26     2008
      16 Thu May 15 10:40:27     2008
      17 Thu May 15 10:40:28     2008
      16 Thu May 15 10:40:29     2008

Is there a chance to speedup performance?

Cygwin's fork() implementation is *not* deliberately slow. Take a look into the sources, file, and see what it has to do. Having said that, of course

BTW: Even Linux fork() is only fast if it has access to real memory management hardware. In a VM, considerable slowdown occurs.

Average "date per second" results from above command on same machine:

Linux native:     780
Linux VMware:     255
Linux VirtualBox: 145
Linux VirtualPC:   60
Cygwin:            56 (AV off, Kerio Fw off)
Cygwin:            48 (AV on,  Kerio Fw off)
Cygwin:            25 (AV off, Kerio Fw on)


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