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Re: bash.exe: ***fatal error

--On 30 April 2008 09:51 -0700 Lester Ingber <> wrote:

Yesterday I installed the final version of SP3 on my XP Professional
system, which I downloaded via a link to the microsoft .exe via zdnet

Which build number of SP3 was that in fact? (Don't trust what the site said, look at what has been downloaded and installed. Look at the detailed file version of a file that has been updated by SP3, for instance, termdd.sys).

(1) Whenever I try to start a cygwin window via the default shortcut icon,
which points to C:\cygwin\cygwin.bat (which is the same since 2005),
I am getting

	6 [main] ? (4596) C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe: ***fatal error -
	couln't allocate heap, Win32 error 487, base 0x6D0000, top
	0x6E0000, reserve_size 61440, allocatesize 65536, page_cost 4096

Just a stab in the dark:

1. Try renaming "cygwin.bat" as "cygwin.cmd", and then calling "cygwin.cmd". Interpreting a .bat file will be done in the 16-bit emulation layer of XP, which then has to spawn 32-bit applications. Try doing it all within the 32-bit environment by using .cmd files instead of .bat.

2. Did the installation of SP3 change the ordering of items in your PATH? Is there more than one "bash.exe" on your hard disk?

Robin Walker (Junior Bursar), Queens' College, Cambridge CB3 9ET, UK  Tel:+44 1223 335528

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