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Re: FW: ssmtp with multiple email accounts

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 09:37:39AM +0200, wrote:
> >If you are intent on using ssmtp, something along the following (taken
> >from an old muttrc file) should work:
> [..]
> >folder-hook mbox1 \
> >'set sendmail="/usr/sbin/ssmtp.exe -ap012345"'
> The ''set sendmail="/usr/sbin/ssmtp.exe -au...'' definitely works.
> What I couldn't get to work was ''set sendmail="/usr/sbin/ssmtp.exe
> -C<some config file>'' but I haven't managed to get to the bottom of
> that yet.

Short version:
  set sendmail="/usr/bin/ssmtp -C/etc/ssmtp/<config file>"
works just fine in a folder-hook.

Long version:
If you are reading this then I solved the problem with the previously
mentioned "-C" stuff - ssmtp does not seem to allow one to specify
"~/foo.conf" (for example) as the config file. If you set it to
-C/etc/ssmtp/foo.conf then everything will be fine and you can happily
have as many different email accounts and external mailhubs as your
heart desires and you can maintain the configurations for. I don't
know if not allowing the config file to be anywhere but /etc/ssmtp is
a bug, a feature, or a random twist of fate, but it would be nice if
the maintainer could mention it in the man file (or maybe I just
missed it when I read it).

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