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Re: FW: ssmtp with multiple email accounts

> Why do you need multiple ssmtp configurations?  Why can't you just use
> ssmtp to relay to your ISP's SMTP server for all of your outgoing mail?

I don't have access to a mailhub which allows what I need given
ssmtp's limitation of one authenticating user. Taking one of the two
that I use, gmail for my domain, as an example -
It is required to authenticate using the name of the user sending the
mail, which means that ssmtp.conf has to include that information
(SmtpAuth=, I think, but don't have access to it ATM). If several
"users", i.e. me using several addreses on my domain for different
reasons, want to send mail then ssmtp has to somehow know which user
it has to authenticate with.

It gets worse in that I have another account completely separate from
gmail and my domain that I also want to send email from - they won't
allow me to send email using any different address than is with them
via their servers any more than gmail will allow me to send email for
the separate email address (I could make it an alias in gmail, but
would rather not).

Maybe exim can be configured to do that "translation", I don't know,
but a) I prefer to have as few daemons/services running as I can, and
b) secure configuration looks like a PITA. Other than that, I'm open
to suggestions.

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