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Re: cpan has a problem Writing Makefile

2008/4/28 Chap Harrison:
>  Reini Urban wrote:
>  > Well, then the error is fixed.
>  > You reported that the Makefile could not be written.
>  > Now it is written, and you can proceed installing it.
>  > Reading the README would have helped.
>  >
>  Perhaps I should have said "cpan has a problem installing Text::CSV_XS".
>  There was no README to read.  CPAN still craps out installing Text::CSV__XS,
>  exactly as before.  That's the error, and it's not fixed.

If you encounter an error with cpan, first have a look in the package
and bug reports at
The README also helps.

Please report at the link [ View/Report Bugs (2) ] there.
Since you can write the Makefile within the debugger and not via the shell
there is some weird problem on your side.

All cygwin smoke tests passed.

A suggestion would be to install CPAN::Reporter and report the failure
automatically, since you are not able to follow README's and submit
proper bugreports.
Reini Urban

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