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RE: Subversion problems with "svn switch", "svn co", "svn switch", because of 'wrong' permissions in .svn/ directories

Dave Korn wrote:
> Jörg Schaible wrote on 29 April 2008 07:39:
>> cygwin-owner@cygwinWOOPS wrote:
>   Say, has your Outlook Quotefix gone screwy too?
>>> Spiro Trikaliotis wrote on 26 April 2008 10:42:
>>>> Unfortunately, with SVN from Cygwin, this is not true anymore. For
>>>> the Cygwin version of SVN, the "native" format for text files uses
>>>> Unix line endings (LF) only. 
>>>> As there a way to get it fixed? Or is it again something for
>>>> upstream?
>>>   A config item to override the default setting for "native"
>>> eol-style might well be a useful feature enhancement patch for
>>> upstream; it would be useful on all platforms, not just Cygwin.
>> Well, Cygwin's Subversion simply does not respect text mounts
>> (compared to CVS) and that's hardly something for upstream.
>   Hmm, well it might or might not be, it depends what method it's
> using to determine the native mode.
>   If it was simply fopen()ing a file in text mode and writing, it
> would of course "respect" textmode mounts automatically.  Perhaps it
> manages it all manually by always writing in binary mode, and it
> inherently assumes that all filing systems operate in the same
> textmode, and some test it does misleads it?
>   It also depends on the attitude of the upstream maintainers to
> accepting platform-specific patches.

Well, it might be very well that Subversion always uses binary mode for file I/O, it will even convert text files on its own if the svn:eol-style property is set (unless your file has no mixed EOLs). OTOH it cannot know that an environment uses two different native modes, that's quite a Cygwin speciality. So, it's some kind of catch-22 ;-)

- Jörg

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