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RE: Subversion problems with "svn switch", "svn co", "svn switch", because of 'wrong' permissions in .svn/ directories

Jörg Schaible wrote on 29 April 2008 07:39:

> cygwin-owner@cygwinWOOPS wrote:

  Say, has your Outlook Quotefix gone screwy too?

>> Spiro Trikaliotis wrote on 26 April 2008 10:42:
>>> Unfortunately, with SVN from Cygwin, this is not true anymore. For
>>> the Cygwin version of SVN, the "native" format for text files uses Unix
>>> line endings (LF) only. 
>>> As there a way to get it fixed? Or is it again something for
>>> upstream?
>>   A config item to override the default setting for "native"
>> eol-style might well be a useful feature enhancement patch for
>> upstream; it would be useful on all platforms, not just Cygwin.
> Well, Cygwin's Subversion simply does not respect text mounts
> (compared to CVS) and that's hardly something for upstream.

  Hmm, well it might or might not be, it depends what method it's using to
determine the native mode.

  If it was simply fopen()ing a file in text mode and writing, it would of
course "respect" textmode mounts automatically.  Perhaps it manages it all
manually by always writing in binary mode, and it inherently assumes that all
filing systems operate in the same textmode, and some test it does misleads

  It also depends on the attitude of the upstream maintainers to accepting
platform-specific patches.

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