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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: asciidoc-8.2.6-1

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A new version of the asciidoc package, asciidoc 8.2.6-1, is now available
for download, replacing 8.2.5-1 as current.

This is a new upstream release, with upstream changes listed below.  See
also the package documentation in /usr/share/doc/asciidoc-8.2.6/.

AsciiDoc is a text document format for writing short documents, articles,
books and UNIX man pages. AsciiDoc files can be translated to HTML and
DocBook markups using the asciidoc(1) command. AsciiDoc is highly
configurable: both the AsciiDoc source file syntax and the backend output
markups (which can be almost any type of SGML/XML markup) can be
customized and extended by the user.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your system.
Save it and run setup, answer the questions and pick up 'asciidoc' from
the 'Devel' category.

Note that downloads from (aka aren't
allowed due to bandwidth limitations.  This means that you will need to
find a mirror which has this update, please choose the one nearest to you:

If you want to make a point or ask a question the Cygwin mailing list is
the appropriate place.

- --
Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin asciidoc maintainer

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1. Version 8.2.6 (2008-04-29)

   See the [1]AsciiDoc Mercurial repository for a full list of changes.

   Additions and changes
     * Enhancements to the Vim AsciiDoc syntax highlighter, for example,
       quoted text is now highlighted in titles and macro captions.
     * If you define the data-uri intrinsic attribute images referenced by
       image macros will be embedded in XHTML using the [2]data: URI
       scheme. NOTE: Microsoft browser support for the data: URI scheme is
       currently limited to MSIE 8 beta 1.
     * Added toc-title attribute to allow custom table of contents titles.
     * Added references to Alex Efros's AsciiDoc Cheatsheet to AsciiDoc
     * asciidoc(1) and a2x(1) man pages formatted to conform to
       man-pages(7) recommendations.
     * Old code-filter syntax (pre-8.1.0) is no longer recognized so that
       malformed two-line level 2 titles are no longer confused with
       code-filter block delimiters.
     * Added -> <- => <= arrow replacements from the Arrows block of
     * Added DocBook refentry lang attribute -- patch contributed by
     * AttributeEntry names can now be numeric ("named macro targets").
     * Hide Table of Contents title if Table of Contents empty -- patch
       contributed by Alex Efros.
     * Various XHTML CSS tweaks.
     * Code cleanup:
          + Replaced realpath() with Python 2.2 os.path.realpath() library
          + Replaced old string library functions with string methods.
          + Use file generators instead of readlines().
          + Renamed entities that shadowed builtins.
          + Standardized string quoting.
          + Dropped readlines() function.

   Bug fixes
     * Fixed broken CSS for decimal ordered lists nested in alpha ordered
       list, thanks to Alex Efros.
     * A missing closing block delimiter now reports the opening delimiter
       line number instead of the end of file line number.
     * Fixed an error generated by the asciidoc -e option when there are
       no block definitions -- patch contributed by Alejandro Mery.
     * Handle both \r\n (as well as \n) line separators that may be
     * Numbered attribute names no longer interfere with positional
       attribute list values.
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