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RE: Looking for basic documentation on Cygwin and Serial Ports

Thanks Dave, I kinda suspected the FTDI drivers for the COM3 issue (I've seen
worse : once, the COM port number would be incremented every time the cable
was unplugged and replugged). Unfortunately I'm stuck with FTDI chips as
they are, AFAIK, the only USB-to-serial adapters I can buy as chips and
solder myself.

The device and/or driver info I was asking about is just that : whatever
system variable(s) hold the information about the hardware present on the
PC. I'm no Windows programmer (though not for lack of training), I suppose I
can find my way from the win32 pnp API. Thank you for the pointer.

The program I'm trying to write is for an autonomous machine. Normally I'd
design my own single-board computer for maximum reliability but this time I
need the functionality of an OS like Windows or Linux. I'm trying to make
the behavior of that OS as predictable as possible, because the end-product
will have to operate away from someone who could "CTRL-ALT-DEL" it (and it
would really be overkill to install VNC on my application :-U)

Thanks for all the info, everyone :-D. I'm gonna try a few things and get
back to you.

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