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RE: Looking for basic documentation on Cygwin and Serial Ports

Nefastor wrote on 24 April 2008 23:08:

> case : My machine has two serial port, one on the MoBo and a USB-serial
> adapter, yet Windows calls them COM1 and COM3. 

  Or /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/ttyS2, as they'll be known to cygwin.

> Speaking of Windows' DM, it's rather quirky on the serial
> ports : I noticed
> that if I unplug my USB cable (COM3) and try to change the
> name of COM1, in
> the drop down box COM3 is listed as "in use" :confused: %-|.

  AAAARGH[*]!  FTDIchip are the bane of my life at the moment.  Buggy drivers.
I hate them so much <spit>.

> - is there a fixed relationship between COM port number "X"
> and dev/ttyS
> number "Y", such as Y = X - 1 ? 


> For instance, if I change my
> COM port number
> from 3 to 7, will the dev/ttyS number go from 2 to 6, 


> Additionally, can you point me to documentation on how to
> retrieve device /
> driver info from my program ? That way, worst case scenario,
> I can have the
> program look for the correct port on its own.

  Don't understand what kind of "device/driver info" you mean here.  You might
be able to use the win32 pnp api functions.


[*] - I just got back from rebooting a testrig that locked up due to buggy
ftdichip drivers at about the twentytwo-hour point into a twentyseven-hour
testrun.  I am not happy.
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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