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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: libtool-2.2.2-2 / Updated: libltdl7-2.2.2-2

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Charles Wilson wrote:
| Looks like a gettext bug to me. Might be fixed in 0.16+, but please
| report upstream.

I'll admit I'm not that fluent in gettext internals.  Obviously both
macros are supposed to be present; is having only one just old
behaviour, or simply broken?

| That's bizarre.  Also, I believe that config.rpath may have a bug:
| -    shrext=.dll
| +    shrext=.dll.a
| because the result of config.rpath is used to probe /usr/lib, not
| /usr/bin...BUT shrext is a widely used variable, and is not namespaced.
|  No telling WHAT that change might break, which is why I haven't
| reported this as a "bug".  But I did have to impose that patch in the
| alternatives cygport, because otherwise I was forced to link statically
| to libintl and libiconv.

Trust me, I've always found this extremely annoying.  The alternative
(no pun intended) is to use $(LTLIBINTL) instead of $(LIBINTL), but that
can require a lot of Makefile patching.  Fixing this would be a blessing.

AFAICS there shouldn't be any namespacing problems with shrext, because
config.rpath is run as a script, not sourced as a macro; the value is
exported as acl_cv_shlibext.  So I'd say, go for it.

| You don't want much, do you?

Of course I do. :-)

| This is a apparently not a libtool-2.2 issue; if gettext is broken or
| invoked incorrectly, AND shares some variables in the same namespace as
| libtool, AND clobbers them...the only thing that can be done there is to
| ensure that libtool never ever uses any variables outside the lt_
| namespace.
| There's been a lot of work done to try to make libtool namespace clean
| and insensitive to variables outside lt_ -- but there's still quite a
| bit to be done.  One of the problems is the .la file format is fixed,
| and the variables there are *not* in the lt_ namespace; there's no help
| for that, except a format change.

OK, but libext is not exported to the .la file.  Being that libext keeps
getting clobbered in different ways, I would look into namespacing it if
at all possible.

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