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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: inetutils-1.5-3

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote: wrote:
| Building this package requires a patched cygport:

Are you sure?  AFAICS the attached WFM; I just need to update cygport in
the distro.

Yep, looks like that will work -- once 0.3.9 is out. However, the inetutils-1.5-3 cygport file *as released* requires a function in neither the official cygport-0.3.8 nor the upcoming cygport-0.3.9. So, *as released*, inetutils-1.5-3 needs a patched cygport.

inetutils-1.5-4 won't.

From an earlier thread:
You could create dangling symlinks, knowing that .cygwin.patch will
> eventually "undangle" them, but you can't do that before the ${S}
> directory is created/mirrored from ${origsrcdir} -- if you did, then
> the (dangling) symlinks created in ${origsrcdir} will be copied over
> to the ${S} as-is: with the incorrect relative path to
> CYGWIN-PATCHES/real-header-file. And deliberately creating dangling
> symlinks is just plain icky.

The problem I was trying to "solve" was that the relative path to the actual file was different depending on which directory you were in -- ${S} or ${origsrcdir}/${SRC_DIR}

Mine ${origsrcdir}/${SRC_DIR}:
(cd headers/arpa && ln -s ../../../../src/${SRC_DIR}/CYGWIN-PATCHES
/arpa/tftp.h .)
This path, if mirrored to ${S}, would be wrong.

Mine ${S}:
(cd headers/arpa      && ln -s ../../CYGWIN-PATCHES/arpa/tftp.h .)

so both symlinks end up pointing directly to ${top}/src/${SRC_DIR}/CYGWIN-PATCHES/arpa/tftp.h
using relative paths from their respective locations.

We can't do even the first part of the above before mirroring -- which means that src_unpack_hook is too early (as is src_patch_hook).

Of course, if you use the absolute path to the target, you avoid all that. <smack/>

Yours (origsrcdir):
(cd headers/arpa      && ln -s ${C}/arpa/tftp.h .)

Yeah. Like that. Still, dangling symlinks are ugly. But your solution with (temporarily) dangling symlinks and src_unpack_hook() is much less ugly that my "be sure to duplicate all actions in both src dirs".


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