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Re: Install cygwin in Win2K as nonadmin from CD make from WinXP

Thorsten Kampe <thorsten at thorstenkampe dot de> wrote:
> * Paul Domaskis (Tue, 22 Apr 2008 16:47:16 -0400) wrote:
>> I will be using a standalone Win2K machine on which I will likely
>> not have admin access.  Will this be a problem, if I choose to
>> install only for the account of interest?
> No, I use that version exclusively on my machines (because I run
> Cygwin from my USB stick).

Wow.  That's cool.  For any one machine, I guess you must ensure that
the stick maps to the same letter drive whenever you plug it in,
right?  (I'm guessing this because the path is specified in the user's
Windows path).

>> There are various web references to the requirement for admin, but
>> they are generally associated with specific packages e.g. OpenSSH.
> Yes, and specific setups (like runnning the sshd as a service)

Yes, that was in fact what I had in mind.

>> I will be creating the installation CD from a WinXP machine. Will
>> the installation CD be OS-agnostic and thus be suitable for a Win2K
>> target machine?
> Yes.

Thanks, Thorsten.

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