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Re: ls / rm etc return "no such file or directory"

On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 01:50:59PM -0700, TomL wrote:
> Based on the idea that its a file locking problem, I ran "handle" from
> sysinternals, and it showed up as an open filehandle in an explorer.exe
> process.  I terminated the process, and all is well.
> I don't understand how it got into that state yet, but I'm closer.  Thanks
> for the hints.

You're a lifesaver !

I get these a lot - sometimes several times a day with vim swap files.

It happens when I run vim over an SSH or telnet session and the session
crashes. After that vim gives me its warning whenever I try to edit that
file until I delete swap file, which I can't.

The only advice I could find was to reboot (which is pretty good advice for
running Windows) which gets annoying on bad network days.

Now I can run 'handle', then 'ps', cross ref the PID from cygwin to windows,
and kill vim - much preferable to a reboot.


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