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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: libtool-2.2.2-2 / Updated: libltdl7-2.2.2-2

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
I'm not sure what's triggering this, but *sometimes* I'm getting more
than that:

./.libs/lt-foo.c:263: warning: string length `4368' is greater than the
length `4095' ISO C99 compilers are required to support
./.libs/lt-foo.c: In function `main':
./.libs/lt-foo.c:288: warning: implicit declaration of function `_setmode'
./.libs/lt-foo.c: In function `chase_symlinks':
./.libs/lt-foo.c:577: warning: implicit declaration of function `realpath'
./.libs/lt-foo.c:577: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer
without a cast

What's puzzling is there is no *error* message from the compiler -- just warnings.

strip: './foo.exe': No such file

But obviously something went wrong.

I wonder of the string length warning is from the pre-processor, and then the compiler itself dies (dumps core?) without issuing an error message.

Does the problem -- missing wrappers -- *always* occur paired with the string length warning? I can easily see the following;
(1) the size of the wrapper script is very close to 4K
(2) there are several embedded paths
(3) sometimes, those paths are long enough to push the total script
length over 4K -- and gcc-3.4.x is rude enough to fail silently.
If so, I could easily split the the script generation into two separate strings...


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