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Looking for basic documentation on Cygwin and Serial Ports

Hi everyone,

I've been Google-ing like crazy to find some information which I believe
deserves its own HOWTO or FAQ, ultimately I registered here to ask. I
apologize if it's something obvious or that has been asked so many times
everyone is bored, if that's the case I only need a pointer, and you'll have
my eternal gratitude.

Here goes :

I want to write simple programs which use the serial port (for example, a
program that will trap and log activity on a serial port, nothing fancy). I
know how to do that under Linux, and under DOS as well. The problem is I
don't know which of Cygwin's /dev/tty device corresponds to which serial
port on my PC (that is, I only know the COM port number). I can "sort of
guess" /dev/tty0 is COM1, but that's a guess, and I'd prefer some certainty.

It gets complicated : I'd like my programs to work with any kind of RS-232
port, especially USB adapters (FTDI chips) and USB Bluetooth dongles. While
Google-ing around I found mention of exotic devices such as /dev/ttyUSB0 or
even /dev/usb/tty, and what I COULDN'T find was a clear explanation of which
exist and which work in Cygwin.

Unless it's already been done, can someone explain the COM to /dev/tty
matching, as well as any steps that a user might have to take to make a
serial port available in /dev ?

Thank you very much :-)


(P.S. : I'm French so if you have any doubt about what exactly I'm asking,
don't hesitate to ask me : my English is a bit lacking.)
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