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Re: Fwd: gcc does not honor -fno-leading-underscore flag? wrote:

> I do not know how to get rid of the leading underscores in Cygwin. I
> have other sources compiled in Linux, and they do not have a leading
> underscore added.

As I understand it, the -fleading-underscore flag is only useful to add
a leading underscore for targets that do not have a leading underscore,
like linux.  It won't accomplish anything on one that already has it,
like PE.

> Now my problem is that I have a library with symbol names without a
> leading underscore. Although the library is for Linux (I do not have a
> version specific for Cygwin, which would be the ideal solution, and I
> do not think that I could get it; I don't have the sources), I expect
> it to work under Cygwin (or at least give it a try), if only I could
> get my objects to link with its symbols. Even if I am trying to mix
> objects for different platforms, I guess that there should be a chance
> to do it by appropriate configuration. The flag
> -fno-leading-underscore seemed to be the answer, but it did not work
> for me.

There is absolutely no way that you can use an object compiled for Linux
with Cygwin.  The fact that symbols don't have a leading underscore is
trivial compared to the massive differences between ELF and PE formats. 
There is just no chance of this working even if you solved the
underscore issue.


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