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Re: How to make GraphicsMagick ('gm.exe') work? and 'cygdpstk-1.dll'

Bruce Dobrin wrote:

> I have a machine that still  1.5.18 on it and it has an earlier dated
> version of these files  from  2005,  but the same file size as the one I
> used.  My upgrade history is .18 to .21 to .24 to .25 so the file I used
> was most likely from .21 or .24.  Again.  I'm not a the maintainer and
> have no idea what the lib is for (though I suspect it is an adobe
> Postscript  display lib) or which of the many x11 packages included it.

The version of Cygwin is irrelevant.

> /usr/X11R6/bin should be in your path via the $PATH variable. I keep a
> personal non-system directory in my path via the $PATH variable so that
> I can move files and libs onto my machine  for testing without risking
> overwriting system installed files. This is where I put these libs and
> why I suggested that you could put them anywhere that  was in the path.
> I have access to hundreds of machines and I keep my own
> auto-install/autoupdate builds of cygwin going back a few versions so I
> personally have these files handy,  but I don't know where on the wide
> wonderful web to get them.
> I Hope this workaround helps,  but Ideally,  the maintainer will note
> this thread and take action.

This is a very old issue, and it's come up numerous times.  Here is a
message from 2006:
<>.  Note
that this is off-topic for the Cygwin list as are all X11 topics.

And there is no X11 maintainer, so don't expect this to change until
that is resolved, which is part of the reason why this has been this way
for the last 3 years or so.


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