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RE: How to make GraphicsMagick ('gm.exe') work? and 'cygdpstk-1.dll'

The newest Cygwin clearly does NOT include this file.  

I have lots of machines here with lots of different version of cygwin.
The date of the file I used is  
dobrin@murgatroid:/usr/X11R6/bin> ls -al | grep cygdp
-rwxr-x---  1 dobrin Domain Users  248320 Jul 20  2006 cygdps-1.dll
-rwxr-x---  1 dobrin Domain Users   26112 Jul 20  2006 cygdpstk-1.dll

 ( I copied both of these files over as I assumed that they were

I have a machine that still  1.5.18 on it and it has an earlier dated
version of these files  from  2005,  but the same file size as the one I
used.  My upgrade history is .18 to .21 to .24 to .25 so the file I used
was most likely from .21 or .24.  Again.  I'm not a the maintainer and
have no idea what the lib is for (though I suspect it is an adobe
Postscript  display lib) or which of the many x11 packages included it.
/usr/X11R6/bin should be in your path via the $PATH variable. I keep a
personal non-system directory in my path via the $PATH variable so that
I can move files and libs onto my machine  for testing without risking
overwriting system installed files. This is where I put these libs and
why I suggested that you could put them anywhere that  was in the path.
I have access to hundreds of machines and I keep my own
auto-install/autoupdate builds of cygwin going back a few versions so I
personally have these files handy,  but I don't know where on the wide
wonderful web to get them.  

I Hope this workaround helps,  but Ideally,  the maintainer will note
this thread and take action.


-----Original Message-----
From: Lee D. Rothstein [] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 12:04 PM
To: Cygwin
Cc: Bruce Dobrin
Subject: Re: How to make GraphicsMagick ('gm.exe') work? and

Bruce Dobrin wrote:

 > I noticed that others had a problem running GraphicsMagick (gm.exe)
on  > Vista but saw no solution in my search of  It
appears  > to me that (for once) Vista isn't completely at fault.  If
you do a  > cygcheck on gm.exe you will noticed "Error: could not find
> cygdpstk-1.dll".  I found this on an older XP machine that had been  >
upgraded to version 1.5.25 from many previous versions of  cygwin.  Once
> I copied this DLL  into the path (I found it in /usr/X11R6/bin/) gm  >
now seems to work fine.  I don't know what this DLL is or does,  but it
> does not appear to be in the currently X11 install.
 > So find this Lib somewhere,  copy it into the path and gm.exe will
start  > working.  No idea if it will bust anything else though  >

 * My '/usr/X11R6/bin/' has no such file even though I have a
   complete install of everything, probably because: mine is a
   relatively new machine, and I have no such "remnants of yore".
 * I found a dodgey version of 'cygdpstk-1.dll' on the net
   (-rwxrwxrwx+ 180671 Jan 23  2004 cygdpstk-1.dll).
   (I checked it with 'strings' and my Virus scanner, first.)
   Is there a later version?
 * Do the Cygwin archive servers that appear in the 'setup.exe'
   list, keep prior versions of the install files? I presume that
   the ftp servers are accessible thru a standard ftp client?
 * I do not save the archives that are downloaded to install
   Cygwin updates (although I do save all my personal
   configuration information). If one cannot get these old
   archives off The Net?, perhaps I should rethink my backup

 * The "path" you allude to, above, probably should be "$PATH".
 * BTB, if a user has X windows properly installed, I believe,
   '/usr/X11R6/bin/' would be in/on the "$PATH".


Thanks for the tip

I changed the subject line because both you and I had misspelled
GraphicsMagick in previous posts. (Makes finding the "Rosetta Stone"


Lee D. Rothstein

P.S. Thanks for the 'site:' tip on Google, as well.

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