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RE: Fonts look ugly in X with gvim

Steven Woody wrote on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 7:32 AM::

> Hi,
> I am using gvim in X window of cygwin.  I selected a font Lucida
> Typewriter same as I set for my windows version of gvim.  Lucida
> Typewriter looks good in windows version of gvim, but in cygwin's
> gvim, it's ugly, looks like there is a space between every character
> and the letters are very thin.  Why's the wrong?  My font setting
> statement is,
>   set guifont=Lucida_Sans_Typewriter:h17:cANSI

You're trying to use the TTF version of the font.  The Xft TTF 
renderer cannot use the hinting due to patent issues (unless you
compile it yourself), which is why the X renditions are often 
relatively poor.

If you really want to use the TTF version, you specify it in your 
.vimrc like this:

set guifont=Lucida\ Sans\ Typewriter\ Semi-Condensed\ 17

You're better off using the PCF form of the font, which you do using:

set guifont=LucidaTypewriter\ 17

I can't remember off hand which fonts are in which package, so
you may need to install another package.

You could also try Lucida Console, which is a similar monospaced

> I also tried the Bitstream. When I use the menu edit->select font, I
> selected the bitstream versa sans mono in the font selecting dialog.
> This way it worked and the bitstream looked not bad ( I still need the
> Lucida thought ), and when I type in
>   set guifont
> in the command mode to see the font name, I got the font's name
>   guifont=Bitstream Versa Sans Mono 18
It's Vera

> But the problem is I can not made this setting forever in vimrc file,
> the statement
>   set guifont="Bitstream Versa Sans Mono 18"

You need to escape the spaces using backslashes.

set guifont=Bitstream\ Vera\ Sans\ Mono\ 18

This is documented in vim's help (:help guifont)

> will put the font settting back to its default, the guifont variable
> was not set and became empty string. and, I also tried
>   set guifont=Bitstream_Versa_San_Mono:h18:cANSI
                          ^^^^^ ^^^
That's the OSX syntax, which is also documented in the help.

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