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RE: HELP REQUIRED: Unexpected end of file.

I'm betting it is the Windoze vs. Unix line endings. CRLF vs LF. I've
found that using Windoze version of vim makes it easy to see and fix
line ending problems with files.

Charles Stepp
Meskimen's Law:
There's never time to do it rite, but there's always time to do it over.

-----Original Message-----
From: Goku [] 
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2008 2:48 PM
Subject: HELP REQUIRED: Unexpected end of file.

Hello ,

I am facing severe problems while porting some of the audio
applications, am using cygwin to compile my code, the makefile and the
code are written for Linux, hence i am trying to port it to windows
for TI DSP.

This is the place where i am getting the error
/cygdrive/c/consumer/Local/Applications/Temp/ line 2:
syntax error : unexpected end of line.

	@[ -d "${BINBUILD}" ] || mkdir -p $(BINBUILD);\
	[  -d "${OBJBUILD}" ] || mkdir -p $(OBJBUILD);\
	[  -d "${RESULTS}"  ] || mkdir -p $(RESULTS);\
	for i in $(bmarks) $(bmextradirs); do\
	[ -d "${OBJBUILD}/$$i" ] || mkdir -p $(OBJBUILD)/$$i;\
	for i in $(rsextradirs); do\
	[ -d "${TOOLCHAIN}/$$i" ] || mkdir -p $(TOOLCHAIN)/$$i;\

This particular code works fine in linux.

I had gone through the mailing list about the problems faced while
using the Cygwin. I couldnt find proper solutions for my problem. I
did use d2u and used almost all the solutions presented by various
people, still the problem exists. Can someone help me out in this


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