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HELP REQUIRED: Unexpected end of file.

Hello ,

I am facing severe problems while porting some of the audio
applications, am using cygwin to compile my code, the makefile and the
code are written for Linux, hence i am trying to port it to windows
for TI DSP.

This is the place where i am getting the error
/cygdrive/c/consumer/Local/Applications/Temp/ line 2:
syntax error : unexpected end of line.

	@[ -d "${BINBUILD}" ] || mkdir -p $(BINBUILD);\
	[  -d "${OBJBUILD}" ] || mkdir -p $(OBJBUILD);\
	[  -d "${RESULTS}"  ] || mkdir -p $(RESULTS);\
	for i in $(bmarks) $(bmextradirs); do\
	[ -d "${OBJBUILD}/$$i" ] || mkdir -p $(OBJBUILD)/$$i;\
	for i in $(rsextradirs); do\
	[ -d "${TOOLCHAIN}/$$i" ] || mkdir -p $(TOOLCHAIN)/$$i;\

This particular code works fine in linux.

I had gone through the mailing list about the problems faced while
using the Cygwin. I couldnt find proper solutions for my problem. I
did use d2u and used almost all the solutions presented by various
people, still the problem exists. Can someone help me out in this


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