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[Avail for test] inetutils-1.5-3

I've uploaded a new test release for inetutils, based on the upstream 1.5 release. A short list of the changes appears below, but the documentation has been extensively revised. I urge you to read /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/inetutils-1.5.README.

All clients and servers appear to work, even on Vista, with the possible exception of talkd (see inetutils-1.5.README). If there are no objections, I plan to make this current in about a week, even with the known issues below.

I'd appreciate testing not just of these servers and clients, but also the iu-config and syslogd-config scripts (which might also smoke out any problems with csih-0.1.4)

Known issues: ==================================================== * talkd (possibly just firewall issues) -- see README * password-less rsh/rcp operation on Vista will require an updated login.exe program, not yet available. * anonymous ftp not tested * rexec does not honor ~/.netrc (possible issue in cygwin's rcmd() implementation). Does honor $REXEC_USER/$REXEC_PASS. * uucpd not tested

Building this package requires a patched cygport:

Major changes with respect to current 1.3.2-40 ==================================================== * servers are now called "ftpd" instead of "in.ftpd". Update your inetd / xinetd configuration scripts. * inetd now supports both inetd.conf and inetd.d/ configuration directories. * inetd --install-as-service is deprecated. If you have installed inetd as a service "under its own power" -- that is, without using cygrunsrv -- please convert to using either cygrunsrv $ inetd --remove-as-service $ iu-config or run inetd as a slave of the sysvinit package's init service (see inetutils-1.5.README)

Changes with respect to previous test release, 1.5-2 ==================================================== * fixed bug in ftpd server that prevented authentication * fixed bug in rsh client that prevented operation in any mode other than 'rlogin-like' * fixed WinServ2003/Vista bug in rlogind where ROOT id was hardcoded to LocalSystem (18). However, this also exposed a bug in the login package (not yet fixed). * removed erroneous warning message from rshd. * Added support for parsing DOS-style paths in tftpd, recieved from tftp clients. (The tftpd command-line arguments must be in unix form, as always). * silence warning in talkd when user has no ~/.talkrc file * Lots of documentation updates

Changes with respect to previous test release, 1.5-1 ==================================================== * disabled all services in the default inetd.conf * updated default motd * imported fix for rshd (and rexecd) from 1.3.2-40 release * updated documentation * fixed packaging bug * inetd: + new macro CYGWIN_INETD_INSTALL_AS_SERVICE will eventually be used to disable --install-as-service option, but not yet. + check and use ...\\inetd\\Parameters\\ConfigFilePath registry key as a backup, if ConfigFilePaths is not found. Also, warn if both are present but differ. * use the new csih package to assist with service installation.

Changes with regards to current release, 1.3.2-40: ==================================================== * inetd now accepts multiple configuration files (or directories) which will be searched. To accomodate this when running as a service "under its own power", inetd --install-as-service creates a new registry key "ConfigPaths" instead of the old "ConfigPath". By default, inetd uses /etc/inetd.conf /etc/inetd.d/ * The inetutils package no longer installs the server programs as `in.rlogind' and similar. Instead they are are installed as `rlogind'. If you have an existing /etc/inetd.conf file (or ./etc/xinetd.conf) you should manually update these references. * Added a new option to inetd: -T/--traditional-daemon, which does the regular fork/daemonize behavior. This is used with the (also provided) sysvinit-style startup script, so that inetd can be run under the control of the sysvinit package's init daemon. So now, there are THREE ways to run inetd as a service: a) install as a service using cygrunsrv (with the -D option) b) installed as a service under its own power [DEPRECATED] c) as a slave to the init service, using /etc/rc.d/init.d/inetd (which uses the -T option when invoking inetd) * There's also a little test program for the built-in services, provided as source code in /usr/share/doc/inetutils-*/. You can easily test TCP services using: telnet <host> <port> but there's no easy way to test UDP services. udp_client can be used to do this: udp_client <host> <port or service name> "some data to send" For instance, the UDP echo service can be tested using: $ udp_client localhost echo "hello" Received from localhost: 'hello'. $


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