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RE: info needed

>> "R" ? I was looking for source code to add to my code for doing right censored
> non-parametric significance
>> tests that I can integrate with some wavelet code.
> I have no idea. Never used R. But on the PSPP fora there is something written
> about it.

fwiw, if I understand this, it looks like the simple non-parametric stuff is "unimplmeneted?":

ChangeLog:	* examine.q Added some of the parametric calculations
command.def:UNIMPL ("COXREG",                 ERRO, ERRO, ERRO, ERRO, "Cox proportional hazards regression")
command.def:UNIMPL ("NONPAR CORR",            ERRO, ERRO, ERRO, ERRO, "Nonparametric correlation")
command.def:UNIMPL ("NPAR TESTS",             ERRO, ERRO, ERRO, ERRO, "Nonparametric tests")
command.def:UNIMPL ("SURVIVAL",               ERRO, ERRO, ERRO, ERRO, "Survival analysis")

> Is there a special reason why you not try the latest alpha release 0.6 ?

I went to their site and took the first thing I found, I was just curious to see what they had.
This was the most recent thing I saw. If this has the above stuff implmented I can 
give it a try.

> That compiles fine as long as you not try to compile the GUI. A place a howto
> compile pspp with cygwin in the pspp user forum. That is with libplot enabled.

That was just fwiw. I didn't know if your problem was equivalent to needing libplot or not as
I thought that may just be a subset of the graphics stuff. In any case, you may be interested
in the failed test I reported too.

> CU
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